What is the difference from the other footwear already on the market?

Their feature is the insole, exclusively created for the Patrizio Dolci sneakers. Patrizio Dolci is the first on the market to introduce this kind of insole that, moreover, ensures flexibility and a clean line, since it has no visible seams. 

Our craftsmen work carefully to guarantee the perfect sealing of the insole to the shoe upper. The production stages on the Patrizio Dolci sneakers are the work of continuous researches and experimentations. The result is a high quality shoe which gives comfort to the wearer as well as being a cool and versatile footwear.

What are their technical aspects? (specific seams, soles, employed leather etc.)

The Patrizio Dolci sneakers feature a specific construction method, known as STROBEL, that makes them pleasantly comfortable. The shoe upper is bond to a light insole board forming a kind of cushion, which in turn is attached to the outsole. This sort of construction method allows to keep stability so that it is mostly employed in the comfort footwear.

How are the Patrizio Dolci sneakers manufactured?

The Patrizio Dolci Sneakers are designed and handmade by the finest craftsmen. They are manufactured with exclusively Made in Italy premium materials. Soft, flexible and trendy leather, with a wide range of colors to meet the most of the customer stylistic needs.