The footwear manufacturing company ‘Confort Shoes’ was founded in 1993 from the idea of the Fiscina family, thanks to its hard-working ethic; starting from a family-managed production, the company has reached a medium-size production in the last thirty years, by becoming a company able to go global with an entirely hand-made in Italy product.

Patrizio Dolci
The Patrizio Dolci brand owned by the manufacturer was launched in 1993 envisaging the creation of innovative and high quality footwear models capable of interpreting and promoting the real value of the Made in Italy brand.

The manufacture centre is located in southern Italy, within the Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni National Park.

The entire manufacturing process takes place in Italy: from the footwear design, the cutting, the stitching to the lasting, the packaging and the footwear delivery all over the world. The key model of all collections is the tubular Moccasin but there are several, different models such as the Combat boots, Desert boots, Sneakers, Derby shoes, flats, laced shoes and many more.

The high-quality, employed materials range from the classical shades to the coloured and appealing casual ones, ideal to meet all sort of needs, even the most bizarre.

Collections are designed down to the last detail: design and quality focused on comfort.

Shoes for Life
Every day we try to live our life at best by getting closer and mixing our steps to others.
Thanks to their durability, comfort and style, the Patrizio Dolci shoes aim at being your shoes and companions for life.