Patrizio Dolci has chosen to name its latest creation “Pocket Shoes”

These shoes are flexible and delicate. Their lightness and adaptability to the natural shape of the foot recalls the high wearability of a dress on a person’s body.
This folding footwear takes up very little room, that’s what makes it pocket, really one of a kind.

This kind of footwear differs from the others in terms of structure as it folds up but it adapts itself perfectly to the shape of the wearer’s foot.

Starting from the Patrizio Dolci Pockets you can create endless outfits. In the meanwhile, our fashion stylists have thought of some combinations for you. Just a few, we can’t wait to see your amazing creations.

Why “Pocket”?

A lot of things fit in your pocket: from little toys to coins, from a photo to a written story on a piece of paper. The pocket is a sort of extension for us and providing our clothes with many of them means envisaging a life path rich of unexpected events and objects to be used or collected.
The shoes to be fit into a pocket mean the longing to go, to run away from a life you don’t like so as to change it.

Usually a dress happens to be matched with shoes. In this case, we will show you how the Pockets footwear become part of the outfit in such a way that they are all in one with it.
We turned the creative process around thanks to the help of the Fashion Designer Simona Cataldo. Sure enough, Simona created some of her dresses starting from the Pocket Shoes.

“Simona is a fashion stylist who works in her atelier, designs and manufactures her items of clothing. One day she comes up with an idea: is there a way to create a dress starting from the footwear? Generally the shoes match the dress. But Simona wants to take on this new challenge.”